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Rich Fitness WAUW 21 The Workout you can do Everywhere

5 of my favorite exercises to build power: 1. Plank rotate: make sure you get your body straight like a plank. Tighten your abs and find your balance. 2. Slow pushup to explosion: go down real slow, it takes you at least a few seconds. Then explode up! Also works without snow 😉 3. Bouncing pushup: the name says it

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Rich Fitness WAUW 20 – Snow Xplosive

Rich Fitness straight from snowy Amsterdam!! Explosive power builders for you! Disclaimer: can also be done inside or with sunny weather 😉 The key is move very slow to the stat position and to explode with power, then move slowy back again and explode! 1. Pushups 2. Squats 3. seated row 4. situp 5. Lunges Count to 5 when moving

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Build Power Punches! Rich Fitness – WAUW 18

Do you want to be strong? Build your upper body power with these 5 bodyweight exercises. Do these wherever you are, if you make sure you repeatedly do it, you will for sure have ripped arms. What else, you will build punching power like crazy! 5 exercises, 10 reps per exercise is one round. Do 1 for starters, 3 for

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Hard-CORE week! WAUW 17

Rich Fitness -WAUW 17 – Hard-CORE week! Going for that core training this week. Many sports and movements depend on a strong core. The stronger the core, the more force you can generate. This means, abs, back and side muscles alike. Train them all! This video is for your inspiration, so you can do a lot of core training this

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Work out with me! WAUW 16

Join the movement and work out with me! Have any questions or remarks? Please let me know! I love feedback 🙂

Sunny winter workout – WAUW 14

Nice and sunny winter day for a workout outside! Like always, solely bodyweight exercises to get lots of muscle groups. Let me know what you think!

Free Workout for Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere

Like always we use bodyweight exercises for you. Now every time you do one rep, you will do 1.5. Just check the video and you will see. Good luck with the workout and let me know what you think of it!