One of the best gyms in Bangkok – Sasiprapa

When I was still in Holland, my trainer told me about this gym on the outside area of Bangkok. Some guys from my gym in The Hague already trained here before. The first day I arrived here, I had the intention to take a look and taste the atmosphere. However, they told me they would start training in 30 minutes, so I decided to participate since that is the best way to experience a gym. There were many foreigners, I think the population is around the 30 people of which the half are Thai and the other half foreigners.


This was a good training and don’t forget it was 30+ degrees Celsius. So I was really, really tired afterwards. Tired, but satisfied. The next day I was present at 8 am. We started running 6 to 10 kilometers. Back at the gym, one of the trainers will pick you to do 3 or 5 rounds at the pads, followed up by one or two rounds one the little pads, exclusively for boxing. There are many trainers walking around, old and young. In Holland I am used to one trainer who provides one central training and we train as a group. At Sasiprapa people train much more individualistic. I don’t know whether this is how they train in Thailand or that it is just at this gym, but it takes a little getting used to.


When the rounds on the pads are finished, a old guy approached me and gave instructions to do knees on the bag for one round. After this round, there cam a round with only teap, followed by a round elbows. He stayed next to the bag and corrected my technique when necessary. You train really independent, but sometimes a trainer comes and instruct you to do knees or shadow boxing or something different. The gym itself really gives the hardcore vibe. The first time I entered, my adrenaline started pumping like crazy. This is it…. The gyms where I always wanted to go. Hardcore Muay Thai gyms like this are fantastic! You train till 10 am and after you can relax, eat, get some massage. At 4 pm the next training starts, we run 2 to 4 kilometers and for the rest the training resembles the morning session. At 6 pm we finish and then take your rest because ttraining is 6 days a week.


The emphasis at Sasiprapa Gym is not really the technique, although they do correct your technique when you are doing your exercises. It is more on power and physical fitness. Every training I was really beat afterwards, but the advantage is that between the morning and afternoon session is such a big gap of time, you have more than enough time to recover (depends on what you will do of course).


The people with whom you train are very divers. Like I said, there are many falangs (foreigners), but a big part of them fights in Thailand and in general they are pretty experienced. Sure, there is a big difference in level. Paowit Sasiprapa is a Thai fighter who has around 250 fights to his name. I am telling you, this guy looks like a machine.


Overall, I would have to say this is a really good camp and I can recommend anybody who visits Thailand to go there and see for yourself. If you have any questions or remrks, leave a comment or send me a message!

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