About me

Rich Fitness is the place where Richard van der Put passionately guides people to become a better version of themselves. He believes that being healthy and fit are essential for living an awesome life and together you will go after it.

Richard has been loving sports for his entire life. He works from the believe that health is wealth and that nothing can substitute your physical well being. Richard has a preference for many sports, particularly: Strentgh and conditioning, thaiboxing and obstacle races. However, he did participate in soccer, waterpolo and swimming. In thaiboxing he was the most active, combined with strength and conditioning training. Competing in fights has led to many insights regarding physical fitness and well being. During his active competition Richard fought in The Netherlands, France, Denmark and Thailand. He still loves to travel and train and combine them. You can read more about this in his blogs on this site.

Richard is enthusiastic about helping people becoming healthier and stronger by using a custom made approach. What do you like doing? Where do your strengths lay and which goals do you want to achieve. These are some of the questions you will answer and work on together.

Contact Richard right now and make a battleplan for a healthier, stronger and fitter you!