Arrival at Tiger Muay Thai 2016



I really love travelling and sports so it is perfect for me to combine these two. For my most recent trip I had a very special place in my mind, actually for some time already, Phuket, Thailand. More specific, the camp Tiger Muay Thai, a true Walhalla for all sports minded people. This camp is the largest training facility in Thaland, perhaps even in Asia. They started out with Muay Thai, or thaiboxing, and now they have a very impressive offer which include western boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Krabi Krabong (an ancient Thai art with two swords), and more. But even if you have no interest in training martial arts you can get busy at this place! The strength and conditioning area is one to be impressed by. Here you find a very elaborate schedule, provided by a broad range of trainers, which means that you could train here from 7 am until 10 pm if your body could handle it. In this place you can also get personal training so you better understand I was really looking forward to it!

Due to the enormous schedule of workouts it is possible to vary your training. I am definitely in favor of training with varying exercises and changing workouts. This does not only make it more fun, it is also functional and creates optimal results. Every workout addresses your muscles in a different matter, which creates a larger impulse and effect. And if these awesome physical exercise options are not enough, there is also a very good restaurant with lots of meals catered to athletes and healthy minded people, like Thai food with brown rice, oat meal and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. I got to know this camp when I was in Amsterdam and I saw many known fighters train here and got a real good feeling through the messages on social media. In February 2016 it was finally time for me to leave. I was travelling with my best friend, Reggie. He is playing baseball on the highest level in the Netherlands for many years and he had only one goal: be super fit and ready for the new season. My goal: learns new techniques and get fit.


At arrival the camp was even better than expected. Just the presence of the Tiger Muay Thai facility was enough to motivate any athlete and sports lover, but there was an entire street from maybe a mile long, filled with supplementshops, crossfitgyms, thaiboxing gyms, fitness establishments and outdoor obstacle course and restaurants with Thai food or western healthy meals, everything catered to people who want to live healthy. My first thought was: “I could stay here for a year, easy”.

A typical day went like this: at 7 am I started with some jogging around the compound for 4/5 kilometers in slow tempo. After that we started shadowboxing for warming up what was followed by typical Thai style pads work with one of the Thai trainers. This was hardcore because there is no smuggling when you practice one on one with these tough guys. In between rounds you did twenty pushups, and when finished with the pads, I did a few rounds on the heavybag, and then, depending on which day it was, we sparred, or clinched for 5 or more rounds. We finshed the training with 100 pushups and 200 situps, or if it was my lucky day, I planked for seven minutes while a trainer waskicking your abs or hit it with a piece of wood. This morning training ended around 9 am, after which I showered and got a huge breakfast.


During lunch time we rested at the pool or I just slept and made sure I ate on time and got ready for the next training. My travel bro, Reggie, usually took two strength and conditioning classes in the morning of each an hour, which are both equally killing. Once in the week we changed this morning routine to run up the mountain to The Big Buddha. A run of 4.5 kilometers, but steep as crazy! A great way of conditioning.


Usually at 3 pm I started my second Muay Thai class or I went to personal training. This lasted until 5 pm and, depending how my body felt, I either went to MMA Grappling or I took some rest. The main key is to deliberately plan your rest and use it as a tool to grow stronger. Combine this with lots of good food, great massages and lots of sleep and you have a set to become strong with a capital S. Reggie was doing circuit training or personal training in the afternoon. This schedule was 6 days and Sunday was for rest and beach. Time flies when you are having fun and training like crazy and before we knew it was time to say goodbye to our new friends. I didn’t even went to other gyms too check them out! I think it is clear that I will definitely come back here many times. I learned many new things, mainly technical things about Muay Thai, strength training and personal training. Moreover, I learned that it is ok to get beat when you are fighting Jiu Jitsu with girls 60 pounds lighter, but more experienced than I am. Talking about a humbling experience. To top it off, I lost 9 pounds of excessive weight in just 3 weeks and also my buddy Reggie was mega fit and ready for his baseball season. On to the next one!



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  1. Een zeer inspirerend verhaal, waarin nieuwsgierigheid boven komt drijven. Het smaakt zeker te weten naar meer uitleg.

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