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Rich Fitness WAUW 24 – One Exercise

Rich Fitness Wauw 24 One exercise One exercise if you don’t have a lot of time. The sequence is as follows: -You start to a squat position, hinge your hips back. -Put your hands on the floor and sprawl, just like a burpee. -Make 4 mountain climbers -Lay on the floor and release your hands -Put your hands back and

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Rich Fitness WAUW 21 The Workout you can do Everywhere

https://youtu.be/bxprH-Zy05s 5 of my favorite exercises to build power: 1. Plank rotate: make sure you get your body straight like a plank. Tighten your abs and find your balance. 2. Slow pushup to explosion: go down real slow, it takes you at least a few seconds. Then explode up! Also works without snow 😉 3. Bouncing pushup: the name says

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Wauw 11

https://youtu.be/_V9qkXO4VTk Less than four minutes! Free workout for you! Try to do it 4 times this week.


https://youtu.be/gHUDy9_pgHg Five simple exercises you can do everywhere! It will not even take you four minutes and when you will do them repeatedly, you will get results. Contact me if you have a question or remark! I would be happy to reply you 🙂