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Rich Fitness WAUW 22 – A Day in the Park

https://youtu.be/2IbC-u4Lqk4 All you need is stairs 🙂 These five exercises are a mix between dynamic and static movements. 1. Squats with a little height difference. Jump backwards up a little curb or something similar. Make sure to bend your knees when landing and when jumping. 2. A version of the mountain climber where you croos your movements. So your left

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Rich Fitness WAUW 21 The Workout you can do Everywhere

https://youtu.be/bxprH-Zy05s 5 of my favorite exercises to build power: 1. Plank rotate: make sure you get your body straight like a plank. Tighten your abs and find your balance. 2. Slow pushup to explosion: go down real slow, it takes you at least a few seconds. Then explode up! Also works without snow 😉 3. Bouncing pushup: the name says

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Een van de beste gyms in Bangkok – Sasiprapa

Toen ik nog in Nederland was vertelde mijn trainer van Keum Gang al over deze gym. Sommige jongens van de gym zijn hier eerder geweest. De eerste dag dat ik hier kwam dacht ik even te kijken en te proeven van de sfeer. Alleen ze zeiden tegen me dat de training zou beginnen over een half uurtje dus besloot ik

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