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Rich Fitness WAUW 24 – One Exercise

Rich Fitness Wauw 24 One exercise One exercise if you don’t have a lot of time. The sequence is as follows: -You start to a squat position, hinge your hips back. -Put your hands on the floor and sprawl, just like a burpee. -Make 4 mountain climbers -Lay on the floor and release your hands -Put your hands back and

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Rich Fitness WAUW 23 — Waterside Training

Start your week strong! Rich Fitness WAUW 23 – The workout you can do everywhere! I am training waterside here, but you can do this literally anywhere. Five simple exercises for you to workout when you don;t know what to do: 1. Lunge with knee jump. 2. Sideway jack knife 3. touch your toes crunch 4. Bridge and kick 5.

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Rich Fitness WAUW 22 – A Day in the Park

https://youtu.be/2IbC-u4Lqk4 All you need is stairs 🙂 These five exercises are a mix between dynamic and static movements. 1. Squats with a little height difference. Jump backwards up a little curb or something similar. Make sure to bend your knees when landing and when jumping. 2. A version of the mountain climber where you croos your movements. So your left

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Build Power Punches! Rich Fitness – WAUW 18

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le8qlZz4o0Y Do you want to be strong? Build your upper body power with these 5 bodyweight exercises. Do these wherever you are, if you make sure you repeatedly do it, you will for sure have ripped arms. What else, you will build punching power like crazy! 5 exercises, 10 reps per exercise is one round. Do 1 for starters, 3

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Hard-CORE week! WAUW 17

Rich Fitness -WAUW 17 – Hard-CORE week! Going for that core training this week. Many sports and movements depend on a strong core. The stronger the core, the more force you can generate. This means, abs, back and side muscles alike. Train them all! This video is for your inspiration, so you can do a lot of core training this

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Wauw 11

https://youtu.be/_V9qkXO4VTk Less than four minutes! Free workout for you! Try to do it 4 times this week.

De WAUW (WAke Up Workout)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jikN7OXTNDA De WAUW (WAke Up Workout) is geboren uit verzoek van een aantal leuke dames die helaas iets te ver weg wonen voor mij om persoonlijke training te geven. Hierdoor kwam ik achter de behoefte van mensen die graag een korte training willen doen, zonder teveel gedoe. Iedereen heeft wel een paar minuten per dag die ze kunnen gebruiken om

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