Hard-CORE week! WAUW 17

Rich Fitness -WAUW 17 – Hard-CORE week!

Going for that core training this week.

Many sports and movements depend on a strong core.

The stronger the core, the more force you can generate.

This means, abs, back and side muscles alike. Train them all!

This video is for your inspiration, so you can do a lot of core training this week.

Do 10 reps per exercise, this counts for one round. Beginners do 1, medium 3, advanced 5.


1. Seated row meets jack knife. Kim van der Put here shows a crunch for the abs. You start lying on the grond. Put your hands on your head and move your knees and your elbows toward each other. They have to both move and meet somewhere in the middle.

2. Superman. Francis Helmig is face down with arms and legs stretched. She raises all four at the same time, hereby strenghtening the lower back. This is an exercise everybody who sits a lot during the day should do.

3. Diagonal crunch. Farah Coppola. She is on her back with hands at her head. She comes up with het right elbow towards her left knee and next to the other side.

4. Rotate plank. Working the entire core here. In pushup position, you rotate the body while you lift your elbow. Make sure you rotate with your body as a plank. Tighten your abs.

5. Leg raise. On your back, put your hands palm down on the floor. Put your chin on your chest so your head is raised off the floor. Raise your legs simultaneously until up. Your legsbend on the way up.

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