Build Power Punches! Rich Fitness – WAUW 18

Do you want to be strong?

Build your upper body power with these 5 bodyweight exercises.

Do these wherever you are, if you make sure you repeatedly do it, you will for sure have ripped arms.

What else, you will build punching power like crazy!

5 exercises, 10 reps per exercise is one round. Do 1 for starters, 3 for medium and 5 for superhero.

1. Dips. Work the triceps by putting your hands on a bench or chair and when you dip, make sure you bend your elbow. Try to go for a 90 degrees bend and return. Because this is an isolated movement, you will feel your muscle aorking hard!

2.Pushup 1.5 this is almost a regular pushup. However, you will first do half a rep and than a whole one. This counts as one.

3. Wide Pushups. Spread your legs and place your hands far from one another. Make sure your fingertips point to the ouside. And push! Work that chest!

4. Pushup walk. Keep it straight, tighten your abs and walk two steps to the side and two back. This counts as one.

5. Mini pushups. The name says it all. Bounce for power!

Any questions about it or do you want a custom made workout?

Reach out to me and let’s do it!

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