Killer legs for killers – Rich Fitness WAUW 19

Make sure you have a strong foundation!

Create killer legs, strong and steady!

5 simple exercises:

1. Diagonal lunges. Step diagonally to the front with a big step. Bend your knee almost to the ground. Keep your upper body straight, chest to the front, shoulders back. Do 10 per side.

2. Find a wall and stand with your back to it. Bend your legs until you have a 90 degrees angle in your knees. Keep your back against the wall. Count to 30.

3. Make a deep squat, hinge at the hips, so put your butt to the back. When you come up, kick with one leg. Do 20 reps.

4. Squat and sit. Squat as far as you need to sit down. Don’t rest, but touch it very light with your behind. Then you will come up again. Do 10 reps. If it is easy, use a low bench.

5. Lunge and knee. Step back with your leg, bend your knee to the ground and when you come up, raise your knee. Do 10 per leg.

What do you think about this workout? Let me know!

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