Rich Fitness WAUW 22 – A Day in the Park

All you need is stairs 🙂

These five exercises are a mix between dynamic and static movements.

1. Squats with a little height difference. Jump backwards up a little curb or something similar. Make sure to bend your knees when landing and when jumping.

2. A version of the mountain climber where you croos your movements. So your left foot will come up to your right hand and the other way around. Keep your core tight when you do this.

3. Breakdance boy. Start out in a pushup position, really rotate your hip into it and keep your abs tightened.

4. Just run up the stairs but sideways, don’t forgeet to change sides 🙂

5. Pushup with a height difference. Put one of your hands on a stairs or something similar. Pushup and change 10 reps.

High kick was just for fun! It is very important to keep fun in your workout if you plan to do this longterm. So make sure you have a fun buddy or just play around with these things. Remember: all work and no play makes you a dull boy

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